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The team here at Dryfix Services Limited have over 20 years experience repairing and installing all kinds of flat roofing in Stafford. Flat roofing is noted for its affordability and suitability to a wide range of functions, including:

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Rubber Flat Roofing in Stafford

There are a number of advantages to rubber roofing in Stafford and it can be a great investment for homes with low sloping roofs.

Not least among the advantages of rubber roofing is that it offers more effective protection against the elements preventing leaks and stopping water damage from rooflines.


GRP Flat Roofing in Stafford

Some of the first fibreglass roofs completed over 30 years ago show no signs of weakening. This material is UV radiation resistant, becomes lighter over time and also has fire resistant properties. GRP is manufactured to be capable of any building movement through expansion and/or contraction.

Produced on site using polyester resin, glass fibre and rollers. GRP is a incredibly effective product. This product is revolutionary and has completely transformed the industry of rooftops all over the UK.

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Maintenance & Repairs to Flat Roofs in Stafford

The managing and maintenance of flat roofs is simple – The key is a regular maintenance check. Because most traditionally flat roofing felts have a life span of about twenty-five years, an annual check is the best way to ensure that no problems are developing. It doesn’t matter how old or young your flat roof is, impact damage from high winds can cause problems with roofs young and old, likewise there’s the concern of wind lift, which felt roofs can be prone to. With regular maintenance checks small problems are treated before they become bigger, and more expensive problems.

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Our team are time served and fully qualified with a wealth of experience installing all kinds of flat roofing in Stafford, so whatever you need, whatever stage you’re at with your enquiries, we can help summarize the features and benefits of the different types of material available and offer a competitive quotation for installation.

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