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Rubber roofing in Stafford provides several advantages, and it can be a great investment for homeowners who possess low-sloping roofs.

Not least among the advantages of rubber roofing is that the material offers better protection against the elements preventing leaks and stopping water and rainfall entering into the home.

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Installing rubber roofing is a fairly hassle-free process, and it’s helped by the fact that rubber is not as heavy as asphalt.

Another advantage when it comes to installing rubber roofing is that it doesn’t require special tools. Flat roofing with rubber in particular offers a painless, quick installation process.

Rubber Roofing is Durable And Aesthetically Pleasing

With rubber roofing there are few seams, which makes it more water-resistant than is the case with many other types of roofing material. Rubber roofing in Stafford offers durability not found in many other roofing materials despite it being relatively light and has visual appeal too – notably when rubber shingles are in place on a sloped roof. These two plusses can also add greatly to the value of a property.

Rubber roofing is resistant to temperature extremes – whether it’s freezing or hot, rubber roofing will not be prone to cracking. It’s also not a combustible material, because it’s not easy to burn. A typical rubber roof can be expected to last from between 30 and 50 years.


Rubber Roofing is Energy Efficient And Environmentally


Because of its qualities, rubber roofing won’t need regular maintenance either. If issues do emerge over a period of time, then patches can be applied easily. A white or lightly coloured rubber roof will reduce the use of energy even further.

A rubber roof is made of recycled materials, so rubber roofing is also environmentally friendly – Furthermore it is proven to last twice as long as other roofline materials.

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Dryfix Services Limited have over 20 years’ experience in the installation and repair of all roofing types, including rubber roofing in Stafford. Our expert team of qualified roofers are on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions and offer free quotations for rubber roofing installations in Stafford and surrounding

Dryfix roofline specialises in EDPM rubber membrane systems. This is a  great alternative to traditional hot bitumen flat roofs. All the systems we use single ply, one-piece systems. So no joints. No joins means no leaks. Our one-ply solutions are supplied by the leading rubber manufactures in the USA. Unlike the traditional hot bitumen systems EDPM requires no heat and comes cut to size. This system can be applied to both domestic and commercial properties, so whether it’s a garage or dormer, school or factory, Dryfix roofline have got you covered. All our work is fully insured and everything we do comes with a 20 year guarantee. So why not give us a call – we guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote.


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